Important dates

So, it’s done. This week is being a milestone in this project called ‘Lucas’… 2 important dates to remember: 05/27/2007 – My dear friend Moreno got his baptism. I’m very happy that now he is a brand new creature. Wish you the best in your new life. 05/30/2007 – 2 years since I’ve started to… Read More Important dates

One more step

I keep telling to myself that this world is a school. The classes are not allways nice, colorful or painless, but nevertheless they have their purpose, helping to define who we are. Letting things go in your life is important, and more important is to pay attention to every single moment, stay focused on present… Read More One more step


Today a good friend of mine is going back to the US. He spent about 2 years here in Brazil, and we sure did have a great time together. Now, it’s time for him to review everything that happened, the good and the bad things, and look forward his future. Brett, I truly wish you… Read More Friends

Red Hat is rocking my world (aka Global Desktop and Liberation Fonts)

My dear friend glommer pointed me out to this terrific entry on Chris Blizzard’s weblog. It contains a summary of the RedHat summit and the decisions announced out there. Red Hat has built a pretty solid and successful business model based on free software, and they run this business with great coherence. Congrats folks! The… Read More Red Hat is rocking my world (aka Global Desktop and Liberation Fonts)