Red Hat is rocking my world (aka Global Desktop and Liberation Fonts)

My dear friend glommer pointed me out to this terrific entry on Chris Blizzard’s weblog. It contains a summary of the RedHat summit and the decisions announced out there. Red Hat has built a pretty solid and successful business model based on free software, and they run this business with great coherence. Congrats folks!

The global desktop will be a product based on RHEL 5, but targeted to be a desktop environment. The interesting thing is the focus of the new product, their partners and their planned audience. Please check Chris’ blog for more information.

Also, they’ve announced the Liberation set of True Type fonts. These fonts solve a long standing problem with the free software desktop: visualization of documents created with the so called “Microsoft core fonts”. The new set of fonts has the same metrics of the MS core fonts, so there’s no page/layout misconfiguration when editing/visualizing documents created with the core fonts. I’ve started to use Liberation sans as the default font on my desktop and it looks really good. Check it out:

Liberation Fonts

Thanks guys!

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