Quilt – patch management


Quilt is a patch manager. When you need to write/apply series of patches, this little tool can prove to be extremely handy. This document intends to be a simple quilt usage tutorial

Quilt basic workflow

1 – Go to your source directory (the software you want to modify)

2 – Create a directory named patches

3 – Create a new quilt patch:

quilt new

Quilt stores the patch on a temporary stack of patches.

* quilt creates a stack of patches

* quilt new puts a new patch at the top of stack

* quilt top checks which patch is on top

Every patch has a set of files assocated to it. in order to add a file to a patch you need to use:

quilt add

You can directly edit the files that you just added to your patch set. To list the files associated to the patch, use

quilt list

In order to see how your patch is going, just use

quilt diff

To actually generate the patch, you use

quilt refresh

This will create the patch at the top of the patches directory. To push and pop patches from the tree just use the commands

quilt pop

In order to take a patch from the stack just use:

quilt push

With these basic commands you can generate and manage patches.

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