Hello to Planet LTC

For those reading this blog trough planet LTC, I’ll introduce myself:

My name is Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues, and I’m the lead of the Linux on Power test team. My team does testing of the enterprise distros of our partners, to ensure high quality of the final product.

As we’re software engineers, we’re allways searching for ways to streamline our work, and since we love open source, we want to share as much as we can of the work we’re producing.

We took the challenge of raising the bar of open source testing, helping the community to produce high quality open source test suites and test instrumentation frameworks. I’ll get more into that on the next posts. For now I just wanted to see if the syndication is already working šŸ™‚

Published by lmr

I'm yet another Software Engineer working to improve to Open Source Software (OSS) Testing Stack. About me

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