On Thursday (05/01) we had a holiday, labor day here in Brazil. Even though that might be a controversial position, I think we have way too much holidays over here. Our country’s economy would do better if we had less holidays. I mean, there’s no need for that much additional opportunities to rest 🙂

Since there was not much to do about it, I worked a little, then a good old friend of mine came here to visit me. We had a good lunch, then we went to a large mall here in Campinas, spent some time talking about life, the universe and everything, all this with a little girl (my daughter Victoria) jumping and laughing all over the place 🙂

I guess I spend way too much time thinking about life, the universe and everything… It came to my mind that our life nowadays is complex, and we have to deal with several tasks and handle several sources of information at once… it’s pretty stressing. But, in the end, we just want to do something useful with our lives, and in the (large) amount of time we’re not carrying out our life duties, we just want to… enjoy ourselves, having friends to share all the choices and small moments of life.

And the most interesting thing is that the answer for all this is 42 🙂

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