The brave new world revisited: How to take care of the multiple aspects of your life

With the recent changes on my life, I’ve been asking myself this question: How can I balance the multiple objectives of my life? How to divide my time appropriately between professional, parental, affective, spiritual matters and subjects? How to handle my finances and health with high standards?

The interesting thing is that I remember this being a concern in my life since childhood days. On the very beginning, the tendency was to freak out. Obviously, with time you clearly realize that this won’t help much. Since then, things has gotten a lot better. I’m more productive nowadays, but, of course, I still feel that I could do a lot better. By learning to relax and stop seeing the little problems as unsolvable things, and by realizing that most people have the same problems, you can freak out less and do more.

That’s pretty much what methodologies such as Getting Things Done try to address: By taking out stuff from your mind and putting it on a consistent and constantly revised system, you take out the anxiety, allowing you to focus better your energies. I want to learn more about all this stuff, but the concepts are pretty simple. The biggest thing is, of course, the commitment you make to apply those simple concepts on your life. Just reading and talking about that stuff will definitely get you to nowhere.

As they say on the free software world, ‘Talk is cheap, show me the code’. Enough with the talking. Let’s go to the code.

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