Using trac to manage open source projects

It’s certainly no news when we say that trac is a very popular project management application for free software projects, with good real world usage examples such as pidgin and the twisted framework. We were discussing about bug tracking software on the autotest, and I ended up defending trac against the other alternatives. Of course, it’s blinking flashing obvious that I’m biased about trac, since we use it on our internal projects and it’s been working great, but it’s nice to have some data backing up my bias 🙂 :

* Integrated wiki, revision control frontend, bug tracking system. The components are tightly integrated, so it’s really easy to do cross referencing. So, it’s hard to beat trac’s set of features
* Relatively easy setup, considering the amount of features offered
* Very clean and well maintained codebase.

So, hats off to the Edgewall folks for the good piece of software they’ve put in. And of course, whether autotest will end up using trac is just a detail, we just have to make our best efforts to have good tools to support the development effort.

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