King of Mustache 2008

Yesterday we’ve had the true Battle of the Year:  contest where brave moustached men were running for the title of the LTC Brazil King of Mustache 2008. This contest is our celebration of the brave founding fathers of our nation [1], and also a celebration of life and an opportunity to get all the nerds engineers together.

The official website has more information (warning: content in portuguese only). The beautiful photos of the event can be seen on our gallery.

And from now on, let’s all hail our new mustache overlord, Daniel Debonzi. May your mustache be allways hairy, healthy and powerful for the years to come!

I want to break free, I want to breeeak freeee...
The King of Mustache 2008

[1] They alledgedly didn’t have mustaches at all, but I don’t believe on such sick claims, they *must* have had glorious and shiny mustaches :p

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