Clueless comment on the worldwide financial crisis…

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a US Citizen, and I have no rights whatsoever to talk about anything related to that country, since I don’t belong to its reality. However, this is a personal weblog, and during these days anybody can say anything over the internet, right? So feel free to not take ANY of this into consideration. Thank you!

So Obama was elected, and the people are all the rage about ‘change’. However, democrats are not very well known for making great administrations for the US. It’s a fact that Bush made things hard for republicans by taking up a number of very very bad decisions. So the US people will have to live with the democrats for at least 4 years.

As someone not deeply informed, I haven’t made any research of the roots of the current US financial crisis. However, I’ve stumbled across this, it’s an article showing up how the current crisis was predicted, and how it could be avoided, but it wasn’t. Very good read, makes us think about the sorts of practices adopted by the future administration.

So, I wish the future president the best of luck and good intentions ruling the country. The country will fully need them anyway…

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One thought on “Clueless comment on the worldwide financial crisis…

  1. o que seria do mundo sem a emoção das reações causadas por comentários sem fundamento?

    e eu acredito até que esse nem é seu caso, viu? 😉

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