Wishlist for 2009 (work)

So, I’m back from vacation, feeling pretty good and wanting to make a difference on Open Source Test Engineering on this brand new year. While I am warming up, I decided to list some things that definitely need to be done during the course of this year:

  • Autotest release management. We need stable branches, that are (unsurprisingly) stable and serve as a good foundation for folks that just want to get work done, and a development branch, that serves for people to play with features. We need strong stabilization work to get into autotest, we already have a nice set of features, now we need to make it rock solid.
  • Create a better set of open source tests to perform basic backend functionality of a linux distribution – network, filesystems, memory management, basic user space tools. This is also an ongoing work, but I really do expect to see an initial open source project this year.
  • Help getting LTP a better linux test framework. LTP is a real nice project that I will surely want to make contributions to it.

I know it looks a narrow set of objectives for the year, but believe me, it’s a lot of work 🙂 Stay tuned…

Published by lmr

I'm yet another Software Engineer working to improve to Open Source Software (OSS) Testing Stack. About me

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