Sábado de carnaval

A noite plácida

O som das crianças brincando no parque

Mais um sábado de carnaval


A poética das mil e uma noites

“Foi até a beleza para ser avaliado,

e ela abaixou a cabeça, envergonhada;

perguntaram: ‘já viste algo assim, beleza?’

e ela respondeu: ‘desse jeito não'”.

É senhor Borges, o senhor tinha razão.

Autotest 0.9.0 released!

The time has come. After 5 weeks of work, we have the first stable release for the project.

The first stable release of the project is out. Thanks to everybody that
helped to make this happen!

The release process was discussed and implemented and certainly needs a
lot of adjustments. I am confident that next release we’ll make it a lot

We tried to be as careful as possible, but I bet there are lots of bugs
lying around there. If you hit one, don’t be shy and open a ticket on
our bug tracking system


Here are the links that matters the most:

Release repository:


Release notes:



Sometimes, people do need time.

Time to get things straightened out,

Time to chase their own dreams.

As Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:”

Let’s give ourselves time as well. We need it.

How to get an HBA port identifier under linux

Disclaimer: This is yet another ‘let’s write it down in case I need it again’ sort of post. I will try to give some context, but only the bare minimum for it

So you have a SAN storage, and your power machine connects to this subsystem using Emulex cards. You have updated the profile of your lpar with the fibre channel adapter. But how are you going to get the emulex card physical addresses so you can map the drives correctly on the SAN management interface?

Faced with this problem, I tried the brute force approach (go to /sys and try to find something that resembles what I am looking for). Yes, it might be ugly, but in this case, it worked just fine 🙂

[root@devl4pp-sandy-lp3 sys]# cd sys
[root@devl4pp-sandy-lp3 sys]# for file in $(find . -name *lpfc*); do echo $file; cat $file; done

I found the file I needed:

[root@devl4pp-sandy-lp3 sys]# cat /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/lpfc_symbolic_name
Emulex PPN-10:00:00:00:c9:63:d2:ac

That’s it. Hopefully this will be part of a larger article. Meanwhile, let’s just use the blog to take notes 🙂