Finding the firmware level of the power machine from your linux lpar

When you are working with IBM system p machines you frequently need to get the firmware level for the machine you are running. You can get that information from HMC or the FSP web interface, but you can also get it from your linux lpar installed.

I knew that lsmcode would return that information for power machines not managed by HMCs For machines managed by HMCs, that is not possible. What would I do in this case? . Reading the man page for lsmcode, I knew that the information I was looking for was under /proc/device-tree/. A little bit of find on a one liner (the good ol’ brute force method) showed me the info I was looking for:

Disclaimer: The one liner below is known to eat small puppies and kittens. I told you!

# cd /proc/device-tree
# for file in $(find . | grep fw); do echo "$file contents:"; cat $file; echo; done
output ommited

Alas, I found it 🙂

# cat /proc/device-tree/openprom/ibm,fw-vernum_encoded

Back to work…

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2 thoughts on “Finding the firmware level of the power machine from your linux lpar

  1. Hi, Lucas:

    lsmcode actually does provide the firmware level, even when it is run on LPARs on HMC-attached systems (at least, it does on mine!). The ibm,fw-vernum_encoded file provides the currently booted level, but doesn’t tell you which of the two firmware banks is currently being used, and doesn’t tell you what level is in the other bank. lsmcode has the advantage of providing the levels in both banks, and lets you know which bank is booted.

    It will “eat small puppies and kittens,” eh… luckily, all mine are full grown, so at least they’re safe….

  2. Mike:

    For the machines I was trying to get the firmware level, lsmcode didn’t allow me to get the firmware levels, not sure why. So I just did this as a way to get the info quickly.

    Maybe we can check out why I couldn’t get it on the machine I was using…

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