Today is my last day at IBM. I won’t spend much time talking about how amazing those 4 years were. I had the honor to work with talented people, and made great friends that will still stay with me. Great company, great people!

Please, if you have worked with me and wish to keep contact, please send your personal contacts to my personal address at lookkas AT gmail DOT com.

I will still be around on the usual IRC channels. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

And now, going to the next step of my life…

Lucas v. 29.0 released!

After one year of hard work, good and bad experiences, people that stayed and people that went away and a lot of love, we deliver another milestone of this project called Lucas.


* Several bugfixes, related to growing up, getting a life and being a man.
* Improved memory management,
* New multi tasking system,
* New heuristics to deal with tough situations.
* Code related to the gratitude for everything that happened so far to me is unchanged.

This is the last release before the long awaited version 30.0 🙂

Download: Widely available to my friends. Just drop me a call 🙂