Autotest 0.10.0 released!

Autotest 0.10.0 (codename “Now I am really going to sleep”) was just released. There are plenty of interesting changes documented on the release notes!

If you hit a bug, don’t be shy and open a ticket on our bug tracking system:

Release repository:

Release notes:

Now, the next “major release” is going to be hot! Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen 🙂

Published by lmr

I'm yet another Software Engineer working to improve to Open Source Software (OSS) Testing Stack. About me

One thought on “Autotest 0.10.0 released!

  1. muito bom o seu blog, se eu ao mesmo entendesse alguma coisa de computação.

    Só falta matérias alertando sobre o risco do comunismo no brasil.

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