Launchpad has become open source!

My comment about it: \o/ Launchpad is a very unique project, in the sense it tries to integrate different open source software ecosystems, with several useful services for open source users. If I weren’t too busy I would write a little more about that :D. Bravo, Launchpad team!

Random mumblings

Recently, the free/open source community saw many interesting news, I am going to comment on some of them: * Microsoft will release the EMCA under the Community Promise license, which means good news to Mono. Mono is an open source EMCA + Microsoft APIs implementation. There’s a lot of friction inside the community generated by… Read More Random mumblings

Autotest 0.10.1 released!

Autotest release 0.10.1 (codename “Everybody Loves Python 2.6”) was just released. This is a bugfix release. If you hit a bug, don’t be shy and open a ticket on our bug tracking system: Release repository: Release notes: Now, focus will be put on the next major release (0.11), that brings several exciting… Read More Autotest 0.10.1 released!