How things are going on Lucas land

From time to time, I want to sit and write about thoughtful insights about life, work, relationships and mankind’s future, but I simply don’t 🙂 This is expected from an irregular blogger like myself.

And I don’t blame microblogging services, because I don’t have any of them 🙂 This blog is my quota of internet banality. Well, things might change in the future, you never know.

I’ve moved almost 3 months ago to a new neighborhood, in order to support better some one of my goals for the future. The neighborhood is great, the house is bigger and more comfortable than the previous one, and I feel at home at the whole place, since I’ve lived here before for quite a long time.

It seems that, after some turbulent years things are settling down. I am really happy and amazed to see how things went during the last years.

And yes, maybe I *might* post some of my insights about life on the following days 🙂


Autotest 0.11.1 was released!

Proving that I am an exceptionally lazy person when it comes to updating blogs, here I am making an announcement 15 days before I did the actual release 🙂

Autotest 0.11.1 (codename “2010.01.11”) was just released. Check out the
release notes for more info.

Please report any issues on our bug tracking system:

Release repository:

Release notes: