Spending some time in the USA

During the KVM forum, I had the opportunity to know some of Boston. I’ve been in the MIT campus, seaport area, and Boston Downtown. What a beautiful city!

View from my hotel room - Boston seaport

After the KVM forum, I’ve spent some days of vacation with my friends Don and Stan. What a great time we had in NYC and Washington! I’ve visited:

  • Times Square, NYC
  • Rockfeller Center, NYC
  • Empire State Building, NYC
  • Capitol, DC
  • White House, DC

Among other places. A very dense visit, where I had the opportunity to see a lot of American history and culture. Of course, I won’t try to upload all the photos to this simple blog post, web albums exist for this very reason 🙂 Here goes one particularly nice photo that shows how hectic Times Square can be at night:

Times Square during the evening

Some impressions about the country:

  • As one would expect, beautiful and well organized cities. Of course, big cities tend to have very similar problems, however I liked the overall experience
  • I’ve got some myths I had about United States busted: I know now that is perfectly possible to stick to a healthy diet for a very reasonable price. I visited some grocery stores and found out that good food is affordable, the same applies to restaurants and diners. The only caveat here is that you can get junk food (read potato chips, snacks, humongous pieces of bacon, soda and such) for *very* low prices, so it is very easy to overindulge.
  • People tend to be very polite and amicable. Again, nice overall experience
  • Apparently, smaller cities with big universities (read Boston) tend to have lots of young and beautiful people. It was very pleasant to see lots of beautiful young ladies in there 🙂

Thanks to Don and Stan, for being the excellent friends they are 🙂 Also, thanks to the other Americans that received me so well in their country!

Me and my friends at the Rockfeller Center, NYC. Thank you guys!

KVM forum 2010 aka “my first international travel”

So, August 2010 has been an incredible month, due to the number of new experiences it brought to me.

For the first time ever, I’ve been outside Brazil, in order to attend to the KVM forum 2010 and LinuxCon USA 2010 in Boston. Some remarks about the event:

  • Very well organized by the Linux Foundation/Red Hat. Great hotel, with very decent infrastructure to host events like this one.
  • Excellent overall technical level – All the presenters deserve kudos, we had a very comprehensive coverage of the latest news and challenges of KVM development. Soon the videos of all presentations will be released, more likely on the wiki page linked on this blog post.
  • Great after conference activities – Again, the folks from Linux Foundation and Red Hat made some very good choices with regards to the post conference activities. Lots of talk, beer and fun in the beautiful Boston.

It was simply awesome to have the opportunity to meet my team mates face to face! Looking forward the 2011 edition!

A significant portion of the engineers that deliver KVM to your home 🙂