KVM forum 2010 presentation videos available

The presentation videos made during the KVM forum 2010 are available under vimeo, see the red hat channel. My presentation video can be seen here:


If you are interested in KVM and didn’t make it into the conference, here’s your opportunity to catch up 😉


Print tabular data nicely using python

Ever wondered how to print a matrix (ie, a collection of rows and columns with data in it) and have it always nicely aligned? I searched for it and couldn’t find a handy function to do that, so I decided to implement my own, feel free to report any problems with it:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

def matrix_to_string(matrix, header=None):
    Return a pretty, aligned string representation of a nxm matrix.

    This representation can be used to print any tabular data, such as
    database results. It works by scanning the lengths of each element
    in each column, and determining the format string dynamically.

    @param matrix: Matrix representation (list with n rows of m elements).
    @param header: Optional tuple or list with header elements to be displayed.
    if type(header) is list:
        header = tuple(header)
    lengths = []
    if header:
        for column in header:
    for row in matrix:
        for column in row:
            i = row.index(column)
            column = str(column)
            cl = len(column)
                ml = lengths[i]
                if cl > ml:
                    lengths[i] = cl
            except IndexError:

    lengths = tuple(lengths)
    format_string = ""
    for length in lengths:
        format_string += "%-" + str(length) + "s "
    format_string += "\n"

    matrix_str = ""
    if header:
        matrix_str += format_string % header
    for row in matrix:
        matrix_str += format_string % tuple(row)

    return matrix_str

if __name__ == "__main__":
 header = ("Word1", "Word2", "Word3")
 rows = [["Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey", "Hey", "Eh"],
         ["Orange", "Nonononono", "Pineapple"],
         ["Egg", "Spam", "Bacon"]]
 result = matrix_to_string(rows, header)
 print result

Executing this program will give you the following result:

Word1            Word2      Word3     
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey Hey        Eh        
Orange           Nonononono Pineapple
Egg              Spam       Bacon

Update: Fixed the code to work with any input data.