Lucas 31.0 released!

Once again the time has come and Lucas 31.0 was just released. This mature yet ever evolving project reaches its 31st milestone. Among the new features and news we have:

• The offspring project called Victoria had its 8th release last December and it is looking amazingly cute, code base growing at an astounding rate and new features, such as reading, popping out every day!
• The cooking and parenting subsystems, as ever, received a lot of bug fixes and improvements
• Thanks to the extended maintenance initiative started on v 29.0, 31.0 is the leanest and more robust release ever! The extended maintenance initiative is being applied to other aspects of life and is expected to continue indefinitely

Once again the release team takes the opportunity to say thanks to all the relatives and friends for the success of the project so far. Guys, you rock my world. Seriously.

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