Autotest 0.13.1 released!

We are proud to announce a new release of autotest, 0.13.1. This is a
fairly boring bugfix release, so nothing really new here, just more of
the same.

What is autotest?

Autotest is a framework for fully automated testing. It is designed
primarily to test the Linux kernel, though it is useful for many other
purposes such as qualifying new hardware, virtualization testing and
general user space program testing under linux platforms. It’s an
open-source project under the GPL and is used and developed by a number
of organizations, including Google, IBM, Red Hat, and many others. You
can see results of kernel test runs on

Release repository:

Release notes:

Autotest project main page:

Want to hack on autotest? Please refer to:

Please report any issues on our bug tracking system:

In order to be able to open tickets on our bug tracking system, refer

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