Autotest moved to github

It’s been a while that the Autotest open source project services were managed on a machine, We’ve been using SVN during the the inception of the project (mar 2006), and the move to a distributed source control system was long overdue. Also, we were short on maintainers for the project, so we needed some better governance policies to ensure autotest would run smoothly even with people not able to work on it anymore.

With the recent security incident involving, our domains were taken out of DNS as the administrators of the domain were working to fix the security breach, that made our life a bit… hard, to say the least. All the infrastructure we were relying on, our trac instance, that comprised wiki, source code visualization, timeline view, and our patchwork instance, gone.

So, this inconvenient situation triggered the work to fix most of those aforementioned problems. Now we:

  • Moved to git
  • Moved to a source code hosting facility, so we spent less time maintaining infrastructure and focusing on delivering a kickass code base for our users
  • The new infrastructure also has a code review mechanism, better than using patchwork
  • An interesting look at how to contribute changes to the project (github pull requests)
  • The wiki now is a git repo, with plain files written in reStructuredText
  • We added new maintainers for the project and now are in the process

I’m personally very happy with the improvements we’ve implemented, but there’s quite a bit of stuff to be done. So, be welcome to our new project page:

We will make to point to this domain, stay tuned 🙂

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