FUDCon Day 2 – Update

I’ve attended spot’s barcamp session on the new applications the infrastructure team is working on. Some remarks:


Gamification is a very interesting idea for a community based project. The new tagger page is making use of these concepts, so the more tags people tag, the more badges they earn. We even might have a “Fedora Contributor Network”, where we’ll have ranking boards for Fedora based on their accomplishments. Well done, guys!

Software centers, App Markets or whatever

The concept of a place that is a one stop shop for your software needs is not a new idea, and definitely organizations have been building successful models around it. I for one would like to see such a software center in Fedora.

Spot argues that it is a successful model for people looking for earning money out of it, but I beg to differ: In Fedora, we are interested in a subset of these goals: we want people to browse the available apps in our repos [1], and install that software with the least hassle possible (ideally with 1 click), with great search capabilities, and possibly reviews and other cool things around it.

Anyway, I understand why the team didn’t come after this model in the first pass. I’d like to see things going on this direction, although such an undertaking is huge work, and brings obvious concerns over scalability and maintainability. Still, good to think about it…

[1] We don’t even have to introduce the concept of ‘repos’ to people, making things easy to grasp to less-technically inclined people.


FUDCon Blacksburg 2012 day 2

So, here we are gathered for FUDCon day 2, where the bar camp sessions are going to happen. I expect to give my Fedora test automation talk soon. The purpose of the presentation, simply put, is to show how we can get good concepts from open test initiatives and apply them to Fedora. If you’re attending FUDCon and is interested, please drop by 😉

My autotest TODO list during FUDCon

I probably didn’t mention, but packaging autotest is been a tough task, mostly because:

  • Autotest uses a “self contained directory” design
  • Makes sense for its purposes, but no go for packagers
  • Web interface depends on gwt, which is hard to package properly

As a result, it’s been a long ongoing task with upstream to make it more packaging friendly. But, we’re almost there. I promise 🙂

I’ve started to assemble my TODO list for the FUDCon days. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get this done between one presentation and another:

I hope to come up with more stuff, let’s see…

FUDCon Blacksburg – 2012

Here I am in Blacksburg, at the VirginiaTech campus for the 1st day of FUDCon. It’s always good to see again the fine ladies and gentlemen that bring you Fedora 🙂 I’m in the Secondary Arch hackfest, where TODO list items for the Power version of Fedora 17 are being discussed:

  • KVM feature, feature process + deadlines (I’m interested in this one)
  • F17 schedule
  • Build boxes
  • Test team status – bugzilla review with the IBM team
  • Road map and release engineering

It’s gonna be an interesting conference 🙂

Going to FUDCon Blacksburg 2012

Hello [peeps|ninjas|folks]:

I’m getting ready to go to FUDCon Blacksburg next week, where I’ll talk about the current Fedora test automation initiatives, as well as work with the brave folks of the QA team to put all nails needed in the coffin of the task ‘autotest packaging’. I’ll be around, so if you are interested in test automation, let’s talk about it!

See you in about a week,