Lucas version 32.0 released!

Yet another year has passed, and project Lucas reaches version 32.0. As usual, we’ve got more improvements, that come from the mature (but not necessarily stable) codebase. Among the higlights of this version, we have:

* After 12 very successful releases in Campinas, project hosting has moved to Piracicaba. We thank Campinas for the many years of continued service, and welcome the new home 🙂
* All round, parenting, personal maintenance and housekeeping subsystems were greatly improved, making 32.0 a very lean and solid release.
* The dating subsystem (that spent some good releases disabled) was worked out, lots of bugs were fixed, and now it’s better than ever before 🙂

As for the offspring project Victoria, it reached version 9.0 last December. The reading and writing subsystems, that debuted in version 8.0 were vastly improved, school subsytem is solid as ever (good grades), and it keeps me amazed pretty much every day 🙂

Thank you very much to all the project contributors (friends, family and girlfriend) for being so awesome, all these years (and we hope, the upcoming years). Many thanks to the Architect for keeping the project running.

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I'm yet another Software Engineer working to improve to Open Source Software (OSS) Testing Stack. About me

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