FUDCon 2013

One more great FUDCon is over, my goals in the conference were accomplished:

  • Discussed with the Fedora QA folks about distribution-wide and package specific test automation. I also presented a refresher on Autotest architecture and recent improvements.
  • Configured Fedora virtualization daily Autotest jobs, as an auxiliary tool for Cole to detect problems in virt-related Fedora packages. We also went through the basics of the virtualization test suite, that can be a useful tool for both Fedora virt developers and users.
  • Helped David to get started with writing an Autotest wrapper for the pygobject 3 test suite.

All of these activities deserve a more thorough post, for any of those interested in test automation in Fedora.

Of course, I also had a great time with all my talented (and sometimes goofy) friends that work hard to bring Fedora to you. Here are a couple of photos (I guess there’ll be more to come):

774708_10200382840113838_1650735348_o 775055_531094553591112_881784947_o

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