Lucas version 33.0 released!

This is an auspicious post, given it is my 100th post on this blog. I thought I wouldn’t make this far, but anyway…

Is that time of the year again! Lucas 33.0 was just released. This mature yet ever evolving project reaches its 33rd milestone. Among the new features and news we have:

  • The offspring project called Victoria had its 10th release last December and is expected to reach teenage status soon 🙂 She is growing to be a lovely, caring and compassionate offspring project, which makes her parent project very happy!
  • The parenting, and housekeeping subsystems once again were improved, in the beautiful Piracicaba, which is proving to be an excelent hosting city for this project. The dating subsystem is about to have a release 2.0 (and I wish many more releases to come).
  • 33.0 continues to be very solid and reliable, due to the extended maintenance initiative. Let’s keep the extended maintenance, by hitting the gym, healthy eating and plenty of sleep!

There has been some especulation that the project team is moving to a rolling release, but these are only speculations. The yearly releases are expected to come for the forseeable future, since it is a meaningful measure of human progress 😉 It might be that in the future we’ll all get bored with the release notes, but so far, it’s been a lot of fun!

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