Lucas 37.0 released!

With an incredibly reliable cadence, here we have Lucas 37.0 out! This release is mostly about a few bugfixes and improvements, that come with experience, and a new hosting city.

That’s right, after 5 great years in Piracicaba, the entire family project is in the process of moving to Berlin, Germany. The prospect of moving to a different hosting city and country was something contemplated for years, and it has finally happened. We’re looking forward the new adventures in our new home.

On related news, Victoria 14.0 was out of the door last December, and the parent project could not be prouder of the amazing human being she’s turning out to be.

My fiancee Silvia completed her 26th milestone last December as well, and we’re to become companion projects for life in May 2017. I for one wish us luck, love and happiness for the years to come.

And for the readers, I wish peace and prosperity. To another great year, off we go!

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I'm yet another Software Engineer working to improve to Open Source Software (OSS) Testing Stack. About me

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